Make him an offer he can’t refuse

Jacoby or Johan? I’m split on the Ellsbury – Santana debate. When I first caught wind of a possible trade that included Ellsbury for Johan, I’ll admit, I laughed. What is Theo thinking? No, what is Theo smoking? Here’s a kid who hasn’t even had his rookie season yet, and out plays a seasoned player such as CF Coco Crisp? Jacoby’s proved he can play, perform, and produce on the biggest stage in baseball. He preformed and looked like a post season veteran. So why give him up?

The best left handed pitcher in baseball, that’s why. A double Cy Young winning pitcher added to a team that starts with a smokin’ ace like Beckett would leave detrimental effects on opposing team’s wins. A player such as Johan would bring us more wins defensivly than Ellsbury could bring wins offensively. Clearly, more wins with less losses means a possible ’08 AL East win and an incredible 1-2 punch in the post season.

The question of the off season remains: Smokin’ aces Beckett and Santana for a sick 1-2 punch? Or ’08 AL Rookie of the Year Ellsbury as a Sox CF?

If I were in Theo’s shoes I never would have included Ellsbury in a trade for an ace. Then again, I never could have parted with Nomar.. and look what that brought us.

If Theo wants his prize, I guess he has to make an offer no one could refuse. And that offer includes Ellsbury.


One comment

  1. Michael

    You always trade unproven talent for proven talent, we’re not talking Dan Haren here, it’s Johan Santana; nobody knows if Ellbury will be the next Jose Reyes or the next Corey Patterson.

    Gotta make the deal, no matter who they need to give up. Money to pay Santana isn’t an issue, there’s no reason to not bring him to Boston.

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