Boston’s Baseball Writers Association Annual Dinner

So I’m fortunate enough to have met a woman through my Mike Lowell fan site.. very fortunate. Because she’s given me a sweet deal on a pair of tickets to this Red Sox dinner on January 17th, 08. A few players will be there including Mikey Lowell! I will update this post once I’ve attended.. I’m hoping to get at least Lowell’s autograph and some pictures. I’m guessing not because there’s 1000 people attending this dinner.

If anyone happens to read this – are you going? Have you gone? I can’t wait! Hopefully Beckett will met me and marry me like he’s destined too lol.



    hey i’m actually going to the baseball writers dinner too! i’m so excited to see mike lowell and especially josh beckett. i’ve heard you can take a ton of pictures but autographs only for people under 12. me and my best friend are going.. getting all dressed up and are so excited!!!! 🙂 hope to see you there. do you know what table you’re at?

  2. Ashley

    hi, I don’t know how to get to your page, but I’ll reply here. Is Beckett going? I heard he isn’t… I really, really hope he’s going. he’s so hot! I don’t know my table yet.. I’m meeting a lady at the hotel before the dinner to exchange money for the tickets. I’ll be wearing a black strapless dress haha, so if you see any short brunettes with that dress, that’s me! I can’t wait though :)!

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