1,467 miles & 44 days

How far along is Red Sox Nation from their Sox newborn? 1,467 miles and 44 days. This morning on the gorgeous winter streets of Boston, it was clear that spring and the Sox season newbie is near. Instead of groundhogs peeking out of a hole and people waiting for the hog, something even more pathetic was watching. Grown men and women Sox fans glaring out their windows at the signs of a Sox season. The truck was packed with Red Sox gear this morning for the long haul down to Fort Myers, Florida where Spring training, or Sox Lamaze, is to begin in less than a month.

The newest of Sox season newborns is due March 25th in Japan.

But family and loved ones won’t be able to visit until April 8th. Which is appropiate, because my 22cnd birthday is April 5. A great month – indeed.

We’re all hoping this one will be another genious season – such as 2007 –  finishing first in its class with a few awards. Yet, already doctors are predicting a few defects in shoulders. And not to mention a few drop outs of bad seeds who will remain nameless (Eric Gagne). But fresh young talents whose rookie year is sure to top all rookies – gives family and loved ones a sigh of relief.

We’re just 1,467 miles from the baby pains of practice and 44 days away from a season that will have 162 classes to prepare for another first place division win and a World Series sweep. All Sox fans are hoping that we can proudly restick the bumper sticker that claims, "My honor student won first place – and still beat the **** out of your child." 

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