The Off Season Sucks ’08

I am not here to complain about how the Sox should have won it. Because simply put, they just weren’t good enough. There were too many bruises, too many bumps, and just not enough morale. I admit it. I lost all faith during the ALDS series. Beckett wasn’t the ace we knew anymore. Besides Lowell & Drew’s injuries, our boys just weren’t hitting. No pitching depth. And for the love of God, do not get me started on Timlin.

We played a damn good season and we had one hell of a fight at the end of it. It was amazing, it was adrenalin pumping, and hey, Yankee fans, at least we made the playoffs. But ultimately, that feeling I had in 2004 and in 2007, I just never felt this post-season. Yes, even after game 5 with the amazing comeback. Maybe it’s because around the 6th inning of Game 5 when we were down 7-0 I was already arguing with my buddy over a Phillies-Tampa Bay World Series win. I was slumped in my chair, my hat drawn closer over my eyes and I sulked over the game as I drank warm beers. I didn’t care. So naturally, when Pedroia, Crisp, Papi & Drew all stepped up to the plate and produced, I was ecstatic. Including game six. But I still didn’t feel it. It wasn’t there. Should I have “believed” and had faith, yes, I guess I should have. But as I get older, stats start to take a toll on the ‘I’m a believer’ dance. And for some reason I get taken down a peg as a fan because I didn’t believe. What are we the Christians of baseball or something? Me believing more in stats than ‘faith’ doesn’t make me any less a Sox fan, just more of a baseball fan. At least that’s what I told the 34 year old Sox fan “believer” at my work after he tried to strip me of my Sox love for not believing. And by the way, that same guy has had a freaking B.J. Upton TB jersey allll season long. That he wears to work sometimes.. And hung proudly in the employee hallway like a little leaguer. Naturally, he got reamed for it. He hasn’t worn it in for months…


And no, me losing faith is not because Manny is gone. I got two words for him: F#ck him. And his f#cking hair. It’s one thing to leave us for more money and a longer contract, it’s business, I get it. But then to bash your teammates, the organization, and then the fans who ultimately pay your salary? Get the f#ck out of here guy. Enjoy the National League.


So, after game 7 and TB’s win, I sort of sat there, unwillingly, and watched TB celebrate. I let it sink in. I do have to say though, I’d rather that game 7 than Aaron Boone’s game 7. Because at least you knew it was coming with Tampa. When Papi failed to produce with rays on bases in the 8th, I knew the Rays had already won it.

I haven’t watched any sports programs or read any papers since the morning after Game 7. No Mike & Mike in the morning, no Boston Globe, no BostonDirtDogs, and for the love of baseball Gods no Skip Bayless. I watched Tampa celebrate, it’s the only ending to a season I need to hibernate all that passive aggressiveness that will come out March 09.

Other than the lingering questions of certain players returning next season, as far as the 08 season, I have one topic left in my baseball world: the outcome of the World Series.


Phillies baby, Phillies.. I hear you fans routing for Tampa saying 1) keep the WS title in the AL 2)  they’re the underdogs like the Sox were & 3) Tampa beat us, so to prove they’re good and we don’t just suck, let them win it like Chi Sox in 05.


Touch√©. I get all that. And I did route for Chicago in 05 after they swept us in the ALDS. But with Tampa, it all comes down to this: I refuse to cheer for a professional team that is younger than I am. Tampa, not only is your team full of rookies, but your franchise is a rookie. Get some f#cking history guy, then maybe after a few post-season loses I’ll route for you. Look at the Cubs. I would love to see old timer fans finally get to see their beloved, life-long team win it all. It’s been over 100 years since they won. 100 years! Look at the Mets & how bad they’ve blown it two years in a row at the end of a season. Tampa, you have no fan base, you have no post-season history. This is the best year in your franchise. This is the first year your stadium has come close to a sell out. Bottom line: get some history. Overcome some adversary, get spanked in a few post-season series, then come back next year, and the next year, and the next, and fight again. It’s like initiation into a gang; you need to get the crap kicked out of you before you can walk the streets like a king. Veterans trumps rookie. it would make a cute baseball story (like the Rockies would have in 07), but this is baseball, not ballet. I hope Philly spanks Tampa and sweeps them. And for the love of baseball Gods will somebody finally make those god damn cow bells shut the f#ck up!!



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